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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

"There is no sincerer love than the      love of food"

I love this quote: so much truth in so few words!

As a young boy, after school, I would join my parents in their restaurant at the busiest time of day. My mother used to call me into the kitchen to help out, and only after all the customers were served would we all sit and eat together. I still remember how difficult it was to see all thos wonderful delicious dishes leaving the kitchen and having to wait until the last customer had been served! I admit that sometimes I would be given a taste while the dishes were bing prepared, sometimes enjoying that little bit extra that was left over in the pan.  If you had been in my place you would have done the same!

I was in change of the fryer, this is how my journey in the kitchen started, amongst countless burns and my tee-shirt always smelling of fried food when I finished my shift.

There was always the presence of the hand of my paternal grandmother (who needed three Michelin stars when she was around!). She is really an artist in the kitchen, serving her dishes from Puglia, "lightly seasoned" she would always say, while after the meal, at the bottom of the bowl there was enough oil left to fill a bottle. But what flavours and perfumes, guys! Even today, when she cooks, the deliciousness can not be mistaken and is always a guaranteed. I can proudly say that my culinary roots stem from two women: my mother and my grandmother, who inspired my  love for cooking through their passion!

With the passage of time things can always change, and in fact I decided to take the charming street of barbecue, a world with a cooking style all its own, informal and geared to creating a warm atmosphere, full of jovial spirit amongst those involved.

Cooking with the barbecue gives me a sense of freedom that most people dream and yearn every day. Often I hear you ask: "Why don’t  you open your own restaurant?". The most honest answer I usually give is that I love to tour the country and meet new people, I love being in contact with the public and it is not in my nature to stay in one place enclosed with  the walls of a kitchen. I would not feel at ease. For now, I'm happy; in the future we will see what events lead me to.

My style in the kitchen, from appetizer to dessert

The dishes are the materialization of our thinking. In the kitchen imagination and creativity are a must.

Often, it can happen that I wake up, open my eyes and stare at the ceiling; at that moment I think of a dish, a recipe that I start to create as soon as I reach the kitchen.

My interviews

When things happen on their own, without having to look for them. I think one of the greatest satisfaction for a person is to be contacted by a newspaper for an interview. It means you're on the right track and that the work, dedication and constant passion you have always cultivated have paid off.

This is what happened to me. From my experience and career I have learned that you must always bring out the best in yourself, put faith in what you believe, and work until you are sure that other percieve and recognise your determination to deliver great results.

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